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Dan / Darth Rockstar – Host

Dan is a big fan of the Star Wars Expanded Universe and is excited The Clone Wars gives Star Wars fans new material on a weekly basis. Having been a Star Wars fan for 32 years, Dan is always excited for new Star Wars stories. On Republic Forces Radio network, Dan enjoys discussing with his co-hosts what each new episode adds (or takes away) from what is already out there.

Favorite Episodes: Rookies, Arc Troopers, Witches of the Mist

Arnie / arniec – Co-Host

Arnie has been a Star Wars expanded universe fan since first buying Brian Daley’s Han Solo novels. As host of Star Wars Action News, the Star Wars collecting podcast found at <a href=""></a>, as well as the Star Wars Action News Book Club, Arnie was ecstatic at the opportunity to talk Clone Wars with other Star Wars fans on a weekly basis. In addition to joining the roundtable, Arnie reports on Clone Wars from San Diego Comic Con annually.

Favorite Episodes: Nightsisters, Monster, Witches of the Mist

Berent / MasterCollectum'All – Co-Host

Berent has been a regular panelist on Republic Forces Radio Network since it began in 2008. Watching the show weekly with his son Pharaoh, Berent’s enthusiasm for new Clone Wars episodes is evident on every podcast!

Favorite Episodes: Senate Spy

Jen / Oddball – Co-Host

Jen is just your average Star Wars fan, with a particular affection for the lads in white plastoid! She loves talking Clone Wars with the guys each week on Republic Forces Radio Network!

Favorite Episodes: Clone Cadets, Arc Troopers

Jerry / Bounty – Co-Host

Jerry has been a regular on Republic Forces Radio Network since day one. He was the primary host of the show during seasons 1 &amp; 2. Now, he sits on the panel of co-hosts that discuss each new episode of the Clone Wars animated series. Also, he and the Republic Forces Radio Network hosts take summer breaks reviewing and discussing other Star Wars animated projects such as Droids and the Clone Wars micro-series.

Favorite Episodes: Landing at Point Rain, Death Trap

Nathan / Nathan Butler – Co-Host, Continuity Expert

With previous experience writing for the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Nathan acts as the continuity expert on the Republic Forces Radio Network panel, and contributes each episode’s “Continuity Corner” segment.

Favorite Episodes: Witches of the Mist, Wookiee Hunt

Jason / Darth Prime – Webmaster, Programmer, Ex-Host

Jason is very much a behind the scenes work horse for Venganza Media, Inc. He was also an infrequent host for a few episodes of Republic Forces Radio Network. Jason enjoyed the old Ewoks cartoon as a child and now has the chance to share the experience of Star Wars on TV by watching The Clone Wars with his own children.

Favorite Episodes: Brain Invaders

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